Rybnik Coal District Aero Club

The Rybnik Coal District Aero Club is an association operating under a legal status, as a regional representative of the Polish Aero Club, having its own legal personality.

The club brings together model aircraft pilots, paratroopers and other aviation enthusiasts of a broad nature.

The principal activity of the Aero Club is aviation training, which is based on the certification of aviation training and the organization required to carry this out. Rybnik Coal District Aero Club train pilots for a gliding license, light aircraft pilots, for a balloon pilot’s license, parachutists, and other powered pilots typical of aviation sports. In addition to the training of new pilots and the various certificates of compentence required, our members carry out training flights and jumps to keep the appropriate level of skills up to date.

Rybnik Coal District Aero Club is a licensed sports club, which entitles the members to represent the Aero Club in national and international competitions.

Types of courses carried out by the club: –

  • Basic course for gliding pilot’s license (theory and practice)
  • Theoretical course to travel pilot license – PPL (A)
  • Practical course for tourism pilot license – PPL (A)
  • Basic parachute course
  • Balloon Training

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