Microlights in Poland

Below is a list of microlight manufacturers in Poland.


Lotnicze Zakłady Produkcyjno-Naprawcze “AERO-KROS” Sp. z o.o. based in the Royal Free City of Krosno, specialises in repair services of the gliders and aircraft, as well as the production of ultra light aircraft. To date, the company has produced over 450 aircraft of the MP-02 Czajka model. Aero Kros also provides the assemblies and tests for the Exec 162F and A600 Talon helicopters. An air accessories workshop provides technical services, periodical services and repairs of aviation equipment. The company also manufactures prefabricated metal elements including sound-absorbing panels.

Address: Lotników 20, 38-400 Krosno Poland – Telephone: +48 013 43 684 51 or +48 013 43 689 25 or +48 013 43 670 23

Bilsam Aviation

Bilsam Aviation Industries Sp. z o.o. engages in the research and development of ultralight sports aircrafts. Its products include the Star and Sky Cruiser range of microlights. The company is/was based in Poznan. Not sure if it is still in operation as there is no current website as of March 2017.

Address: ul.Janikowska 37 Poznan, 61-071 Poland – Telephone: +48 60 504 5084


PPHU “EKOLOT” Małgorzata Słowik was set up in 1995. The company has its registered office in the town of Korczyna. Engages in the aircraft manufacture of the JK 05-L which is a strut supported high-wing monoplane of composite construction based on vinyl-ester resins and reinforced by glass and carbon fibers.

Company Address: ul. Akacjowa 118 38-420 Korczyna Poland – Factory Address: ul. Pużaka 18 38-400 Krosno Poland – Telephone: +48 13 436 8897

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