Bieszczady National Park

Bieszczady National Park - Countless people are drawn here in search of silence, clean air and crystal clear water. The Bieszczady National Park is the largest mountain national park in Poland and is the only park which protects all of Poland's large mammals, including the Brown Bear, Wolf, Lynx, European Bison, Red Deer, Wildcat, Golden Eagle and Eagle Owl, among numerous birds of prey.

Enjoyable in all the seasons, visitors can explore the serene nature on horse back, by bicycle, cross-country skis, or on foot. This laid-back area is populated with wooden churches, wild horses, and the unusual feel of a space providing serenity.

The Bieszczady are not very high but very extensive chain of mountains in the Eastern Carpathians, on the south east of Poland. The area of the Bieszczady mountains is associated with hard conditions, the lack of infrastructure, extensive wilderness caused by mother nature protecting her treasures.


Until the year 1945 the area of Bieszczady was fairly densely populated. However, in 1947 during a period of terror, known as “action Vistula”, thousands of people where exiled from the area known as the “displacement”. Soldiers plunged into peoples houses and commanded them to leave their homes within a half hour (with some it was just 5 minutes) and only allowed to take basic items, their homes were then burnt to the ground and the families sent to other places far away. Due to this enforced displacement the former villages have returned to nature.

Hiking Trails

Hiking trails in the Bieszczady National Park can be a great way to connect with nature, learning about the plants and animals that live in the area. In discovering the secrets of nature it helps to keep the Bieszczady way of life alive by using the many existing nature trails available.

They were set up mainly for young people and visitors to the Park, for school trips, but they can also be used successfully by adults wishing to explore the park. Today, there are 12 paths, most of which run along the marked trails or nearby.

For more information visit the Bieszczadzki Park Narodowy.


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