National Teddy Bear Day – 25th November in Poland is World Teddy Bear Day (światowy Dzień Pluszowego Misia). The first producer of the famous bears, being an American, got the idea of a toy after he saw a picture in which the then American President, Theodore Roosevelt refuses to shoot a bear cub while he […]
Poles and Vodka – Where ever you go in Poland shops and supermarkets are likely to have on show bottles containing Wódka. Poles like their neighbours are passionate about their vodka. It has a long history as it was used for medicinal purposes back in the 8th century but the Slavs quickly realised that by […]
4 June 1989 – The day that changed Poland and Central and Eastern Europe. As I sit here in my hotel room in Krynicy-Zdroj, Poland, on this historic day in the life of a nation I realise that none of my interest in this country would have happened if this event had not of taken […]
Well, you have arrived at the Poland Travel Guide Blog postings. Our “Blog” is where you can find the latest news about our exploration of Poland, a country in central Europe. Also, the “Blog” is where we may decide to post articles that do not fit into the main web site but warrant a mention. […]
Poland has pursued a policy of economic recovery since 1990 and now stands out as a success story among the former communist economies. Before 2009, GDP growth was about 5% annually, based on rising private consumption, a rise in corporate investment, and funds from the EU. GDP per capita is still below the EU average, […]
Tatra Mountains in southern Poland