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National Teddy Bear Day – 25th November in Poland is World Teddy Bear Day (światowy Dzień Pluszowego Misia). The first producer of the famous bears, being an American, got the idea of a toy after he saw a picture in which the then American President, Theodore Roosevelt refuses to shoot a bear cub while he […]
Poles and Vodka – Where ever you go in Poland shops and supermarkets are likely to have on show bottles containing Wódka. Poles like their neighbours are passionate about their vodka. It has a long history as it was used for medicinal purposes back in the 8th century but the Slavs quickly realised that by […]
I think that Putin has wasted the opportunity to bring Russia in from the cold and develop better relations with Europe and the west by deploying old style cold war tactics over the relationship between Ukraine, Crimea and Russia. His invasion of Ukraine has destroyed Russia’s hope of a better future. Just take a look […]
4 June 1989 – The day that changed Poland and Central and Eastern Europe. As I sit here in my hotel room in Krynicy-Zdroj, Poland, on this historic day in the life of a nation I realise that none of my interest in this country would have happened if this event had not of taken […]
Tatra Mountains in southern Poland