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23 June 2016 – This day could turn out to be a very sad day for Britain. We have voted to leave the European Union – Is this a big mistake the UK has made? Only time will tell but I believe it is. I do not think that the UK will save any money […]
Dear Mr Fox Your comments about free trade in EU are stupid and you are a very silly man if you think the EU will allow the UK to carry on as if nothing has happened. I have been going to central European countries for about eight years and the mood of the people where […]
23 June 2016 – Divorce from Europe Day – European Union Referendum – This day is a very sad day in the history of Britain, my home land, as we have turned our backs on the rest of Europe. We have voted to leave the European Union instead of staying in and working with others […]
“Some of the latest travel sites I have come across seem to be increasing the size of their pages massively, especially images, one I saw (and very much like) has a page load time of about 9.2 seconds, is 17.2 mb in size and has 91 requests.! This will use a lot of mobile bandwidth […]
Update July 2015 – I have transferred Poland Travel Guide (previously Poland Explorer) to a new url and I am now in the process of updating all pages to the new format. This will take some time but I hope to have it finished by Christmas 2015.My time available to work on this site has […]
National Teddy Bear Day – 25th November in Poland is World Teddy Bear Day (światowy Dzień Pluszowego Misia). The first producer of the famous bears, being an American, got the idea of a toy after he saw a picture in which the then American President, Theodore Roosevelt refuses to shoot a bear cub while he […]
I have now been travelling to Poland for about seven years and overall have been happy with the level of service I have received from the various organisations I have used until this latest trip that is. 13th September 2014 I left my home early on Saturday morning to catch the first train to Southampton […]
It’s time for another journey, this time I am heading for Silesia in the west of Poland. After landing on Sunday at Katowice airport I will be heading for the city of Opole then onto Nysa to see the lake and the Klodzka area and later moving onto the Karkonosze Mountains (The Krkonoše (Czech) or […]
Poles and Vodka – Where ever you go in Poland shops and supermarkets are likely to have on show bottles containing Wódka. Poles like their neighbours are passionate about their vodka. It has a long history as it was used for medicinal purposes back in the 8th century but the Slavs quickly realised that by […]
Tatra Mountains in southern Poland