Children of Honduras Trust

Children of Honduras Trust although not based in Poland, is a small charity I have been interested in, based in Derby, United Kingdom, that has been sending supplies out to the country of Honduras since 1973.

It was founded by Jennifer Cox and is administered by Trustees in response to their faith in God to meet the needs of underprivileged children in one of the poorest countries in Central America.

It is hoped that this demonstration of God’s love will help Honduran people meet Jesus Christ.


How we became involved in Honduras In 1973, I (Jennifer Cox) was made aware of a lady from a church in Derby, who had started an orphanage in Honduras near the capital city, Tegucigalpa. I began to help her by sending out parcels containing items of children’s clothing and small personal gifts.

As the Orphanage grew in size from 5 to 153 over the next twenty five years, our ministry also grew with it. Initially this took the form of small two pound weight parcels sent via the G P O. It later developed into larger parcels, air freighting and finally expanded to 40’ containers that were sea freighted.

We have now sent over thirty such containers (450 tons) of supplies. We pack them in Derby each March and they arrive in Honduras around Easter week. They usually reach the people about the first week of May.

Charity Status

As the work has grown the need to become a registered charity has become increasingly apparent. We registered in 1999 under the new and broader based Children of Honduras Trust. Previously we were known as the ‘Valley of Angels Orphanage.’

Urgent Needs

Due to the current rise in world food prices, many children will be going hungry in Honduras this year. We are therefore looking to send as much basic foods as possible. For the latest needs and work of the charity please visit their website.

Mission Statement

To enable the provision of three meals per day, adequate clothing, shoes and basic education for as many underprivileged children in Honduras as possible. In recent years the development of the Trust has realised significant advances towards this aim.


Editor: I have been glad to be associated with this charity for a number of years.

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