Poland’s History by Year

Flag of PolandPoland’s History by Year. The country has a long history and this will be documented year by year as Poland Travel Guide is created.

Each year’s page will have information on what happened in Polska during that particular year with links to a place, article or person.

This will gradually build a time frame of important events in Poland’s history.

Select the period of time found on the menu below, then the year you are interested in.


Poland’s History By Year Poland’s History By Year
900 to 999 1500 to 1599
1000 to 1099 1600 to 1699
1100 to 1199 1700 to 1799
1200 to 1299 1800 to 1899
1300 to 1399 1900 to 1999
1400 to 1499 2000 to 2020


Poland’s History by Year – Poland Travel Guide

Tatra Mountains in southern Poland