Powiat Głogowski

Glogowski District is located on the Oder River in the northern part of Lower Silesia, Province of Dolnośląskie in Poland. The county seat is in the town of Smelter.

Population and Communes within Powiat

CommunityTypeSurface(Km ²)Population(2006)Seat
SmelterUrban35.468 954 
Municipality SmelterRural84.35 506Smelter *
Municipality KotlaRural127.84 129Kotla
Municipality ŻukowiceRural68.13 516Żukowice
Municipality JerzmanowaRural63.43 232Jerzmanowa
Municipality PęcławRural64.12 314Pęcław
* Headquarters outside the municipality

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The area of ​​Glogowski County was one of the main centers of settlement in Silesia due to the occurrence of fertile soil and proximity to the River Oder. In the early Middle Ages this area was inhabited by Slavic tribes.

The Dalkowski Hills and the valley of the Oder to the east of Glogau are areas for tourism and include hiking and cycle trails.

The economy of District Glogowski is linked to it's geographical location, a large industrial center at smelter and the dominance of the copper industry. The district has many small businesses which are privately owned.

In Glogow, there are more than six thousand companies as in rural areas it is dominated by agricultural production and services related to agriculture. Employment covers about 22.5 thousand people, including industry and the construction sector employs 43%, services 53% of economically active people.

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About Polish Powiats

A Powiat (pronounced povyat) is the second level of Polish administrative division, between Voivodships and Communes. As such it is roughly equivalent to counties or districts in the United Kingdom.

There is no official equivalent of the name in English.

Some of the towns in a Voivodship can be centres of more than one powiat. The reason is that in several cases the town itself and its surroundings form separate entities of administrative division. This is usually the case for large Polish cities, but can also apply to several smaller towns.

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