Powiats in Województwo Lubelskie

The Lubin Voivodeship, in Poland, is divided into 24 counties (powiats), including four municipal counties, and 20 rural counties. These are further divided into 213 communes (gminas).

A Powiat (pronounced povyat) is the second level of Polish administrative division, between Voivodships and Communes. As such it is roughly equivalent to counties or districts in the United Kingdom. There is no official equivalent of the name in English.

Some of the towns in a Voivodship can be centres of more than one powiat. The reason is that in several cases the town itself and its surroundings form separate entities of administrative division. This is usually the case for large Polish cities, but can also apply to several smaller towns.



There are four Municipal Councils in Województwo Lubelskie:-


Name Population
Lublin 354,272 
Name Population
Chełm 67,989 
Name Population
Zamość 66,613 
Name Population
Biała Podlaska 58,010 


There are twenty Powiats:-


Name Population
Bialski 113,764 
Biłgorajski 104,267 
Chełmski 79,991 
Hrubieszowski 68,822 
Janowski 47,875 
Name Population
Kraśnicki 99,770
Krasnostawski 69,274 
Łęczyński 57,314 
Lubartowski 90,484 
Lubelski  140,562 
Name Population
Łukowski 108,393 
Opolski Lubelskie  63,026 
Parczewski 36,512 
Puławski  116,829 
Radzyński 61,445 
Name Population
Rycki 59,129 
Świdnicki 72,290 
Tomaszowski Lubelski 88,343 
Włodawski 40,052 
Zamojski 110,225 


Województwo Lubelskie


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Powiats in Województwo Lubelskie - Poland Travel Guide

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