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Szczecin Coat of ArmsSzczecin Travel Guide – Szczecin in north west Poland in the province of Zachodniopomorskie. Szczecin is the capital of the West Pomeranian Voivodeship of Zachodniopomorskie, located on the Odra River and south of the Szczecin Lagoon. It is Poland’s seventh largest city and the country’s biggest seaport on the Baltic Sea. As of June 2009 it’s population was 406,427.

Szczecin Travel Guide

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This is is a travel and tourist guide about the country of Polska which is located in central Europe. You are very welcome to visit our site and we hope that you will enjoy the experience.

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My Thoughts on Szczecin

Did not stay long in Szczecin as I received a parking ticket.

Sadly, the Polish are learning to rip off the motorist/tourist in the same way Britain does. Moved on and away, and had a delightfull afternoon at Nowe Warpno instead.

Accommodation in Szczecin

You will find the full range of accommodation in this town from the most luxurious five star hotels with up to date and modern amenities to pensions (a type of guest house or boarding house) and rooms or apartments at very reasonable prices. Some of the larger towns and cities will also have hostels.

If you prefer to stay in a more rural location there are a number of “Agro” style of accommodation places on farms and in the countryside plus there may be camp sites nearby.

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Activities & Attractions in Szczecin

Poland is a country with a large variety of landscapes, a place where you can experience all four seasons. This provides the visitor with many opportunities for adventure and different activities and visiting attractions, whether you enjoy the mountains, lakes, rivers or the beaches you will find something that suits you.

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Activities & Attractions

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Geography of Szczecin

The city of Szczecin is situated 65 km from the Baltic Sea in north west Poland and located in the cross-border region of Pomerannia. Szczecin covers an area of 300.8 km squared, with about 41.8% being green areas and 23.8% water.

Dąbie Lake which is also a reservoir, north east of the city, covers an area of 65 km. It has a channel for access to the Baltic Sea so making the city into a port for ocean going vessels.

The average elevation for the city is 25 m above sea level with the highest hills being Bukowiec at 147 m and Veleti Hills at 131 m.

Szczecin is divided into four districts: North, West, City Centre and Right-Bank. The River Oder runs through the middle of Szczecin.

History of Szczecin

The history of the city goes back to the 8th century when a Slav stronghold was established. In 967 Duke Mieszko I annexed the town in the name of the polish state but failed to hold onto it or Christianise it. The Catholic faith was eventually established by Boleslaw Krzywousty after recapturing the town in 1121. However, after his death in 1138 the Polish Crown fell apart and the town became part of Pomerannia with periods of allegiance to Germanic and Danish authorities.

In 1630 the Swedes conquered the town and in 1720 it came under the authority of Prussia and remained that way until the end of World War II. Szczecin was used as a trading port for the German city of Berlin, increasing in size and importance until 1945 when the Russians in the form of the Red Army marched through the region on their way to Berlin. After the war the city was rebuilt and once again became an important gateway this time under Poland and the Soviet Union.

There is still much restoration to do of the old heart of the city but progress is being made such as the Red Tourist Route, a 7 km walk around the centre taking in no fewer than 42 historic sites and buildings. Other places of interest include the Castle of the Pomeranian Dukes (Zamek Ksiazat Pomorskich) build in the middle of the 14th century, located in the Old Town.

Museums in Szczecin

Polska is full of history and the Polish are great lovers of knowledge of the past so you will find many museums in the country, whether it be a folk, military, science, skansen, transport or any other type.

Poland has a long history and has been an important trading route that has been invaded by many different groups over the past 1,000 years. Museums are a great way to explore the nations history about the inhabitants of the land in the past, their lives and customs.

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Places to Eat in Szczecin

There are many restaurants covering the usual pizza to those offering local Polish traditional and regional cuisine.

If you see something you like or wish to know more about please contact the place to eat directly as we do not take commission and we take the attitude that their own website will have more up to date details on what they offer than if we were to include it here.

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Places to Eat

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Tourist Information in Szczecin

Poland Travel Guide – This web site will eventually have tourist information on most of the places in Polska. Being a web site you will be able to access the information on most digital platforms, including your laptop, personal computer or a mobile phone.

Tourist organisations are welcome to contact us for details on how to display their information on Szczecin Travel Guide.

PTTK – Polish Tourist and Sightseeing Society is a non-profit organisation that you will find in many places in Poland.

It is one of the oldest tourist societies in Europe and was was created by the merger of two societies: Polish Tatry Society (1873) and Polish Country Lovers Society (1906).

Official Tourist Information Centres in Poland are divided into 1*, 2*, 3* and 4* Certified and Non-Certified. All Certified Tourist Centres provide information in one or more foreign languages and have an expanded range of services as compared to the Non-Certified.

Tourist Information

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Centrum Informacji Kulturalnej i Turystycznej ul. Jana z Kolna 7 City Tourist Office

Transport in Szczecin

Goleniow airport is about 45km north east of the city and there is a bus service that picks up outside the Lot Airlines office and the train station operated by Interglobus.

The bus and train terminals are close together near to the Odra River about 1km south of the centre.

Here are some useful websites to help you find your way to this place.


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Szczecin Goleniow Airport Airport
Przewozy Regionalne Railways

Websites of Szczecin

If you have a website that is an official one linked to this town, or you administer a local community or an important trade site please contact us here at Szczecin Travel Guide as we may be interested in including it.


Office of the City of Szczecin
Office of the City of Szczecin. is an integral part of the Public Information Bulletin of the City of Szczecin.

The project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund under the Integrated Operational Programme for Regional Development.

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Urząd Miasta Szczecin Plac Armii Krajowej 1 70-456 Szczecin Official Site

Regional Links


The Zachodniopomorskie Voivodship was created in 1999 and is located in the north west of Poland.



Places in Province

The cities, towns and villages of the region of Zachodniopomorskie.

Places in Province

Map of Szczecin


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