Travel and Transport Małopolska

Travel and transport throughout the region of Małopolska is good. There are many buses that run all over the region with good links from the city of Krakow.

You will also find this type of information shown on the individual pages for the cities, towns and villages for this region.

Zakopane - Horse and Cart

Air Travel Małopolska

Air travel - There is an international airport just to the east of the city of Kraków. IATA code: KRK - ICAO code: EPKK

Kraków Airport is used by both military and civil aviation, with John Paul II Kraków-Balice International Airport Ltd managing the civil part covering a total area of 310 hectares, approximately 27,5 hectares of which is managed by John Paul II Kraków-Balice International Airport Ltd. Flights started from the civil airport on 1st July 1967. As flight destinations and flight information constantly changes see their website for current details.



Railways Małopolska

There is an extensive network of railways in Małopolska with Krakow being the hub for the region.

Intercity routes to the other major cities in Poland are being upgraded with new track and signals although they do have some teething problems with some of the new rolling stock.

Regional railway services are run by Przewozy Regionalne and operated by the 16 regions of Poland.


Krynica Zdroj Railway Station

Coaches and Buses Małopolska

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Chrzanów Bus Station

Cycling Małopolska

This region is full of hiking trails and is very popular in the Carpathian Mountains. A number of cycle routes criss cross the province. The Polish are great horse lovers so it is not surprising that bridal ways take their pride of place in Małopolska.

Małopolska’s regional authorities have recently allocated about 200 million zloty for quality cycle routes connecting Krakow, Zakopane, Oświęcim and Nowy Sącz.

Some 650 km are due be built before 2020, most of them as independent asphalt tracks along rivers or railway lines, and hopefully eliminating some of the bottlenecks between places with great cycling and tourism potential.

Cycling in Poland



The Małopolska region has every type of accommodation available from simple rooms to the grand hotels and everything in between.

Accommodation Małopolska


Regional Food

One of the delights of travelling is to sample the food of the part of the world you are visiting. Małopolska will not be a disappointment to your palette.

Regional Food Małopolska


City Break
Kraków is at the heart of Małopolska and each year thousands of tourists descend on the city to experience the sites and sounds and taste the food on offer. Although, it now has an abundance of fast food outlets and all the modern shops that you can find in any other European city, if you seek out the traditional Polish restaurants and explore it's ancient Jewish quarter, you will discover the real historic capital of Poland.
Nowa Hutta
A place where locals will not most likely send you as this was where during the communism era, an industrial estate was established north east of Kraków.

However, it is well worth a visit as there are the Renaissance and Baroque stylised edifices of Tadeusz Sendzimir Administrative Centre along with Cistercian Abbey found in Mogiła village.

Nowy Sącz
Two rivers flowing from the Carpathian mountains meet here, Kamienica and the Dunajec. Worth a visit if you are heading to the mountains as there is the remnants of a castle and the Gothic collegiate church of St.Margaret built at the turn of the 14th and 15th century. Other sites can be found on the Nowy Sącz page.
Subterranean Kingdom of Salt
Wieliczka and Bochnia are possible the worlds best examples of what can be done artistically to a salt mine. Easily accessible from Kraków there are arranged tours that will take you deep underground to experience a carved domain that is unmissable. You will need good legs for this one as there are many steps!
National Parks
Małopolska has 6 National Parks and 11 Landscape Parks awaiting your discovery with about 53% of the region having protected status. There is even a desert. The Bledowska Sands is Central Europe's largest accumulation of loose sand in an area away from any sea.
On foot, cycling or on horseback
This region is full of hiking trails and is very popular in the Carpathian Mountains. A number of cycle routes criss cross the province. The Polish are great horse lovers so it is not surprising that bridal ways take their pride of place in Małopolska.
53 skiing stations welcome winter sports people to the region catering for all ages and abilities. Since 1980 the Zakopane Ski-jumping Word Cup has taken place each year.
Małopolska is a diverse region with Cracovians in the north and Highlanders in the south. Many of the old traditions survive to the present day with festivals, saints days and traditional food still flourishing.
Wooden Delights
With about 30% of Poland given over to forests even today, wooden architecture plays a significant roll in the present day and the past. The Carpathian Mountains are a flush with spruce, fir and larch forests as well as the broad leaf oak and beech. The Małopolska Wooden Architecture Route stretching for some 1500km includes 248 buildings with about 50 available for viewing in summer.
Małopolska UNESCO Route
UNESCO sites in Poland five of which are located within this region.

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Tatra Mountains in southern Poland